Season 1 - Episode 14- Ethan Couch

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

This case is not only about a teenager who kills several people in a drunk driving accident, but also a story about the parents who I think are personally responsible for how this kid was raised.

Was it Affluenza? Should the parents be held accountable? Ethan Couch at age 16 killed 4 people and injured many more. The shocking story of Ethan Couch and his journey as a spoiled kid growing up in a small town outside of Dallas.

Ethan Couch was born in April 1997 and by age 16 was charged with killing 4 people and wounding others. When Ethan was 9 he was known as a sweet boy, who liked making others happy and liked school. Tonya was known to be very involved in Ethan’s early school years, often volunteering at the school and donating money for the kids. Unfortunately, Fed and Tonya had a volatile marriage and divorced in 2006.



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