Season 2 Episode 3,& 4 The life of Jill Coit

Episode Summary Jill – The Serial Bride, Bigamist, Con - Artist and Murderer. I hope you are ready for a story that gives new meaning to Bunny Boiler Crazy.

Episode Notes On July 01, 1944 Henry Albert Billiot married Juanita Engelman in New Orleans, Louisiana. They had 2 children Jill and Mark Billiot.  Henry and Juanita were your typical loving couple and worked hard to give their children a good life.  Little did they know that their lives would forever be changed when they had their daughter Jill.  

Wine Pairing

Usual Wines - Red Blend

A fruity and delicious red blend with notes of cocoa, dark cherry, and cassis. 2018 was an exceptional vintage in Sonoma with cooler temperatures and perfectly ripe grape clusters.

Expertly made in small batches from sustainably farmed grapes with no additives and minimal intervention—the real way.

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